Hands Free Tablet Reading in Bed

LapDawg™ o-stand

Our new product the LapDawg o-Stand is a universal tablet and eReader holder that helps you get comfortable in bed. o-Stand allows a hands-free way of interacting with your tablet reducing strain on your arms for long periods of time.

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Savour Some Extra Time in Bed

LapDawg™ X4

Enjoy a relaxing morning with your LapDawg™. Use the flat side as a bed tray for breakfast in bed. Then, flip it over and secure your laptop in the rubber stopper. You can surf the web or get an early start on some work without leaving your pillow.

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Watch Movies in Bed with the X4 Bed Tray

LapDawg™ X4

“The LapDawg X4 is a rare breed of gadget. You'll never know how useful it is until you own one.” -  DigitalTrends.com

You’ll love watching movies in bed with the X4 bed tray. Simply position your laptop at an angle and lie back to enjoy the show.

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Introducing the Pug - Your Multifunctional Bed Tray

LapDawg™ Pug

The LapDawg™ Pug is a revolutionary new bed tray that protects your posture while you work, read, game or surf the web in bed. Its multi-angle tray and 3 adjustable heights allow you to curl up in bed and access your laptop comfortably. Your neck, back and wrists will thank you.

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Movie Night or TV Dinners... this Dawg does it all

LapDawg™ Pug

The LapDawg Pug is our newest product. It acts as a personal mini-table with multi-functional capabilities. Although not as flexible as the X4, the Pug does have a larger surface area with felted left and right mouse pad areas. It also features a large silent USB powered fan to cool off laptops, 3 adjustable height levels (flat, mid, high) and multi-angle mini tray to hold your laptop or books at the most convenient angles.

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Laying Down Seated at Desk Seated Sitting Up Standing

The o-Stand is a universal, hands-free ipad / tablet holder that has 4 removable metallic "flexy" legs that you simply bend to any shape allowing creativity in how you want your iPad or tablet held in bed.

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Laying Down Seated at Desk Seated Sitting Up Standing

The LapDawg™ X4 v2.0 secures your laptop and books so you can work, read, game or surf the web. You can even position your laptop on an angle so you can lie on your back and watch movies in bed.

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Laying Down Seated at Desk Sitting Up

If you like to use your laptop while sitting in bed, the Pug is for you. This bed tray’s stable surface can hold up to 25 lbs. of books, computer equipment, snacks and more. Plus, a built-in cup holder keeps your drinks close.

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LapDawg™ Bed Trays - Designed for People Who Want an Excuse to Stay in Bed Longer

You may not like the idea of bringing work into the bedroom, but sometimes your bedroom is the only place where you can find peace and quiet. However, if you’ve ever tried using a laptop in bed, you’ve probably experienced at least one of the following discomforts:

LapDawg X4 Bed Tray

LapDawg X4 Bed Tray

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  • Your laptop generates so much heat that your lap gets sweaty and you worry about burning your sheets.
  • Lumpy bedding causes your laptop to shift while you work.
  • Although your bed is supposed to be the most comfortable spot in your home, you can’t find a good working position. After 20 minutes hunched over a laptop, you feel sore all over.

LapDawg™ bed trays were designed to keep you comfortable while you work, game, surf the web or watch movies in bed.

Although these portable bed trays can be configured into a variety of positions, customers rave about how they use their LapDawgsTM lying down or sitting in bed.

"My son seems to literally live in his bedroom where he not only sleeps but watches television, plays video games, eats many of his meals and does his homework. The LapDawg comes into play in many of these activities.” – Eileen J. McDonald,

You can select from 2 bed tray models:

Why Choose the X4 Bed Tray?

  1. If you enjoy watching movies in bed, you’ll love the X4 bed tray. The X4 lets you secure your laptop at an angle, so you can lie on your back and watch videos.
  2. The X4 has greater functionality than the Pug. Endless configuration possibilities allow you to transform your bed tray into a book holder, lap tray, TV tray, lap desk and more.
  3. Your X4 bed tray folds to 1.5" for easy transport and storage.
LapDawg Pug Breakfast Tray

LapDawg Pug Bed Tray

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Pug Laptop Bed Desk Features

  1. The Pug is a great option if you prefer to use your laptop while sitting in bed. Its stable surface can hold your laptop, books, drinks and snacks. The bed tray even includes a built-in cup holder.
  2. Large left- and right-sided mouse pads make gaming in bed a breeze. Plus, a built-in silent fan keeps your bedding cool after hours of gaming.
  3. The bed tray flattens to 2" for easy storage and transport.
LapDawg O-Stand bed Tray

LapDawg O-Stand Bed Tray

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O-Stand Tablet Bed Stand Features

  1. 4 metallic "flexy" legs with gripping ball end points. Grabs on most surfaces for additional stability
  2. "Flexy" neck to ensure the perfect viewing angles.
  3. Removes neck pains, arm stress from reading iBooks or eReaders for long periods of time. Finally be able to read e-books longer and more comfortably.
  4. Retractable universal arm "claw". Holds all tablets and e-readers. Each claw end has gripping rubber to ensure a solid hold on all devices. Locks tight!

A bed tray... and so much more

Our philosophy is all about practical and functional products that ensure long term value for our customers. Our products never serve just one purpose, we design our products to improve people's lives in more ways than one and strive to be as useful as possible to our users.

It's one of the many reasons why past customers have raved about the X4 and Pug and why you should purchase one now and enjoy the full benefits yourself or as a great gift idea for someone you care about.

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LapDawg Bed Tray Product Guarantee

All our products are backed by LIFETIME WARRANTEES. If you feel unsatisfied with any of our products, simply return it within 30 days to qualify for a full refund of the price of the product (not including shipping). If you find any physical defects with the X4 (v2.0 only) or the Pug, we'll repair or exchange your unit for the lifetime of the product - guaranteed

Please read our returns and exchanges policy here.

Shipping Times

We want you to enjoy your LapDawg™ lap desk as quickly as possible. All orders received before 12:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day. If you place an order after 12:00 p.m., we will ship your product the following day.

Shipping times vary, but you should receive your product(s) within the continental USA 3 – 7 business days from the date of your order (based on UPS ground shipping).

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LapDawg Fun Facts

  • More women than men have bought LapDawgs.
  • World of Warcraft players love it!
  • Been voted favorite bedroom toy

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