Save Your Spine with an Adjustable Laptop Desk

LapDawg™ X4

Some people call it a laptop desk. Some call it a lap tray. Either way, using a LapDawg™ laptop desk is an easy way to protect your posture while you game, work or surf the web. Simply push a button to transform the X4 into a variety of configurations and take an ergonomic laptop desk everywhere you go.

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Say "No" to Working with a Hot Laptop on Your Lap

LapDawg™ Pug

The LapDawg™ Pug is our latest multifunctional laptop desk. Although not as versatile as the X4, the Pug includes a silent fan that circulates cool air and prevents your laptop from overheating. An adjustable mini-tray directs your laptop’s heat away from your lap and lets you adjust your screen to the ideal viewing angle.

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How Many Uses Can You Find for the X4 Laptop Desk?

LapDawg™ X4

“The best part (besides the price) is how versatile it is. One second it's a laptop table, the next it's a book holder and it can shift and change forms to suit a sitting position, laying down, chair, couch, bed, whatever you need... this is not your ordinary side table." -

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Introducing Your Compact – Yet Surprisingly Powerful – Laptop Desk

LapDawg™ Pug

The Pug is a revolutionary new laptop desk that promotes your health while you work. It has 3 adjustable heights and a multi-angle tray that allow you to work comfortably anywhere – whether you’re seated at a desk, curled up on the couch or lying in bed. Your neck, back and wrists will thank you.

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3:00 min overview on the Pug and X4 multifunctional laptop desks.

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LapDawg X4 - Our v2.0 Laptop Desk

Laying Down Seated at Desk Seated Sitting Up Standing

Discover the LapDawg™ X4 v2.0! The versatile laptop desk now has a lifetime guarantee and interlocking joints that make it a snap to configure. Plus, a new rubber stopper ensures your laptop stays in place – no matter how steep you set your viewing angle.

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LapDawg Pug details page


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The Pug
Our New Laptop Desk

Laying Down Seated at Desk Sitting Up

The LapDawg™ Pug is a new laptop desk that lets you work, surf the web or watch movies in bed. The Pug’s 3 height options can be adjusted to accommodate your body. Plus, its silent fan keeps your laptop’s heat off your bedding and lap.

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Finally – a Laptop Desk that Takes the Pain Out of Working on Your Laptop

You probably purchased your laptop to enjoy the convenience of working anywhere. However, after spending an hour typing, you may notice your shoulders feel tight from hunching, your lower back hurts and you can’t find a comfortable angle for your wrists.

LapDawg™ laptop desks are designed to take the pain out of spending long hours on your laptop. The portable and multifunctional laptop desks can be adjusted into a variety of heights and angles to suit your body and location. With a few clicks of a button, you can set up an ergonomic workstation anywhere you like to work – be it your desk, couch or even your bed.

Everything You Need to Know About the Pug Laptop Desk

  • A powerful – yet silent – fan cools your laptop and keeps hot air off your lap.
  • The Pug laptop desk has 3 height options (flat, 13 inches from the ground or 19 inches from the ground). This means you can adjust it to accommodate your body.
  • Felted mouse pads on either side of the laptop desk allow you to comfortably use your laptop whether you are right- or left-handed.

Everything You Need to Know About the X4 Laptop Desk

  • The ergonomic design of the X4 laptop desk improves your body posture while you read or use your laptop. Its flexible angles and height positions let you customize your work environment to relieve strain on your back and neck.
  • Your laptop desk can function as an in-bed entertainment centre. The X4 secures your laptop on an angle, so you can recline in your bed and watch movies.
  • The laptop desk is made from sturdy, anodized aluminum and can hold up to 25 lbs.

The most popular way to use the X4 is on your back lying flat watching movies or tv shows in bed.

LapDawg products are great for holding text books as well.

LapDawg Pug Laptop Desk

LapDawg Pug Laptop Desk

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Our philosophy is all about practical and functional products that ensure long term value for our customers. Our products never serve just one purpose, we design our products to improve people's lives in more ways than one and strive to be as useful as possible to our users.

It's one of the many reasons why past customers have raved about the X4 and Pug and why you should purchase one now and enjoy the full benefits yourself or as a great gift idea for someone you care about.

X4 vs. Pug Comparison Chart

Common UsesX4PUG
Bed Trayxx
Book Holderxx
Lap Deskxx
TV Trayxx
Breakfast Trayxx
360 Degree, Push Button Auto-Locking Jointsx
Fine Tune Versatility **x
Flexible Configurations **x
Double-sided Tray Platform. Ability To Use Both Sides.x
Silent USB Powered Cooling Fanx
Built-in Cup Holderx
Left & Right Mouse Pad Areax
Adjustable Heightxx
Lifetime Warranteexx
LapDawg X4 Laptop Desk

LapDawg X4 Laptop Desk

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LapDawg Laptop Desk Product Guarantee

All our products are backed by LIFETIME WARRANTEES. If you feel unsatisfied with any of our products, simply return it within 30 days to qualify for a full refund of the price of the product (not including shipping). If you find any physical defects with the X4 (v2.0 only) or the Pug, we'll repair or exchange your unit for the lifetime of the product - guaranteed

Please read our returns and exchanges policy here.

Shipping Times

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Shipping times vary, but you should receive your product(s) within the continental USA 3 – 7 business days from the date of your order (based on UPS ground shipping).

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LapDawg Fun Facts

  • More women than men have bought LapDawgs.
  • World of Warcraft players love it!
  • Been voted favorite bedroom toy

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